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Support of youth, prolongation of healthy and quality life are the key values of our clinic. Integrative medicine is just beginning to become popular, but has already been able to prove that the human body has a huge life resource. Thanks to the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases, combined with the correction of the external indication of aging, you can lift restrictions from your life, reach new heights and achieve your goals without depending on age in your passport.

Anti-Age clinic Artmedia grants an integrated approach to everyone. We have been working in this direction since 2005 and strive to open access to the medicine of the future to the people who want completely change their lives. Natalya Vladimirovna Fridman - the chief doctor of the clinic and her team of highly qualified specialists have impressive practical experience - over 20 years and a lot of scientific degrees. All of that confirms constant development and dedication to excellence in their practice.

Why people choose us:

Clinic "ARTMEDIA" is the unique place with the following advantages:

many years of successful practice experience, approved many satisfied patients who have solved their problems;
certificates and diplomas of specialists confirming their knowledge;
compliance of the services with the ISO 9001 quality certificate;
convenient location in the historical center of Saint Petersburg.
We always reach a positive result solving the problems of patients, thanks to 4 fundamental principles of work:
  • personalization - gives an individual selection of treatment tactics for each person, taking into account the characteristics of his body;
  • prediction - allows to prevent problems that can harm health or beauty and to choose methods of protection;
  • prevention - reduce the risk of diseases that hinder the patient in a full and high-quality life, work and rest;
  • participation - responsibility for 100% involvement in the process of personal changing of the patient. We will not work instead of you - we will work together with you! We’ll teach you the new way to live.

The specialists of the clinic not only select treatment options but also care about your wishes and compose individual recommendations. The positive effect of cooperation can be reached by:

  • active integration of innovative molecular and genetic diagnostics;
  • metabolism care (normalization);
  • human hormonal health supporting;
  • deficits detection - what is missing to maintain health (vitamins, minerals, etc.).

A holistic approach allows you to preserve youth, beauty and to save health for many years of a happy and active life.

Directions of work
We believe in an integrated approach. We have gathered together highly professional doctors of various specialties to help our patients preserve and restore youth and health.

Hormonal health is the basis of a quality and long life. You can contact our clinic for treatment:

  • age-related hormone deficiencies
  • metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus
  • thyroid disease
  • Pathology of the thyroid gland
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diseases of the adrenal glands
  • Endocrinology of sex hormones
  • Sports endocrinology and nutrition
Anti-Age Medicine

Our body is a perfect tool for present and future success. For a time, resources of the body and cognitive functions dwindle. To slow down this process and prevent the development of age-associated diseases that can limit your possibilities, we provide all the possibilities of anti-aging medicine:

  • Anti-Age check-up
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • complex nutritional therapy (replenishment of deficiencies of minerals, vitamins, macronutrients)
  • individual programs for saving the beauty and health of the skin
  • anti-aging passport
  • menopause treatment
  • preservation of men's health (andropause)
  • ozone therapy;
  • peptide therapy
  • laennec therapy;
  • treatment of hair loss;
  • restoration of intestinal microbiota and individual selection of autoprobiotics
  • brain aging prevention programs
  • strengthening immunity

The youth and general well-being of a person mainly depends on of the veins health. Our surgeons - phlebologists will help you solve the problem of varicose veins without surgery and hospitalization:

  • all types of conservative treatment of varicose veins
  • diagnostics - duplex angioscanning of veins;
  • radiofrequency treatment of varicose veins;
  • sclerosing;
  • endovenous coagulation of dilated veins;
  • removal of spider veins by laser;
  • physiotherapy;
  • individual program - healthy veins.
Facial cosmetology

All modern methods of aesthetic medicine and many years of experience of our cosmetologists to save your beauty:

  • contour plastic
  • lip correction
  • Botox
  • mesotherapy
  • biorevitalization;
  • placental therapy;
  • non-injection biorevitalization CooLifting;
  • Professional;
  • eyelid rejuvenation;
  • neck rejuvenation;
  • mesothreads;
  • rejuvenation of hands;
  • PRP-therapy;
  • laser and photorejuvenation
  • use of plasma for rejuvenation;
  • laser removal of dilated capillaries;
  • laser non-ablative skin rejuvenation;
  • laser hair removal;
  • laser therapy
  • ozone therapy
  • acne treatment;
  • selection of home skin care;
  • rejuvenating care procedures
  • face cleaning
  • chemical peels
Body cosmetology

We offer the best cosmetic treatments in our clinic, including:

  • LPG (lipomassage) for the body;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • myostimulation;
  • wraps;
  • ozone therapy for the body;
  • cellulite treatment;
  • aqualyx;
  • laser removal of vascular "asterisks" on the legs;
  • mesotherapy;
  • treatment of stretch marks;
  • photoepilation;
  • treatment of hyperhidrosis
Gynecology and urology

The health of the reproductive system is an important component of Anti-Age. Our gynecologists and urologists will take care of your health despite of your age.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute diseases of the external genitalia, including urethritis, cystitis, epididymitis, and other (for men and women as well)
  • STD treatment
  • erectile dysfunction treatment
  • solving the problem of premature ejaculation and Peyronie's disease
  • treatment of oncological diseases of the genitourinary system
  • treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, male infertility or urolithiasis.

We are what we eat. Health and beauty depend on the quality and balance of the nutrient budget. In our clinic we put the great attention to nutrition. A dietitian can help you to choose a diet for:

  • weight loss;
  • weight gain;
  • nutrition during preparation and during pregnancy, recovery after childbirth;
  • Anti-Age nutrition for beauty and long live
  • support of cosmetology programs with nutrition
  • - increase the effectiveness of sports training
  • - in diseases of the thyroid gland - hypo-, hyperteriosis, autoimmune thyroiditis
  • - in case of allergic reactions and diseases
  • - with various dermatoses
  • - for prevention and recovery after oncological diseases
  • - for the prevention of brain aging
Tests and diagnostics

In order to choose the best option for the treatment and prevention of age-related changes, we must clearly understand the state of your body. To do this, the clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic laboratory tests:

  • biochemical blood tests;
  • hormonal studies;
  • infection markers;
  • analyzes for trace elements;
  • genetic tests;
  • genetics of microbiota;
  • blood test for dysbiosis;
  • analysis for food intolerance.
  • ale test
  • bioimpedance analysis of body composition
  • Ultrasound diagnostics

Healthy and beautiful hair is an essential part of an attractive appearance. Doctor trichologist at our clinic:

  • conducts a trichoscopic examination of the condition of the hair
  • helps to solve the problem of hair loss after pregnancy, stress, infectious diseases
  • treats androgenetic alopecia
  • selects individual programs of therapy and home hair care
Medical manicure and pedicure

Medical procedures help to solve various problems as fungus or ingrown nails or their deformation. Our patients have access to:

  • services of a hardware medical pedicure master;
  • selection and implementation of diabetic foot care;
  • treatment of fungal diseases of nails;
  • spa pedicure, paraffin therapy;
  • treatment of orthonyxia.
Medical professions
The Expert
Fridman Natalia Vladimirovna
Phd, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Doctor of Anti-age medicine, Chief physician

“The mission of integrative medicine clinic Artmedia is the prolongation of a high-quality and healthy life.

Our job is the prevention and therapy of age-associated diseases and the external evidence of aging.

Anti-Age medicine is good for you if you want to use your body for a long time as a tool for achievements, to reach creative and business goals, and to enjoy life without dependency on age and restrictions. All programs are exclusive and personalized for your unique body.”

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